Panda's Gold Slots

Panda's Gold is a game that completely comes out of left field for us, as well as many other players. It is a lighthearted take on the Asian theme that has a smile at every turn, and features some of the cutest little animals you've ever seen. We're not quite sure how it all came together, as the idea is somewhat strange, but it looks pretty great, and we had an awesome time with it. Set over the backdrop of a mystic village, somewhere out the mountains, the idea is that there are many hidden treasures to be found, which we gladly took up the reins for!

Even if you're not a fan of bears, you'll absolutely love what they ended up doing in this game. It is a fun little ride while it last, I have a somewhat sound like experience the longer you play it. We definitely recommend it to anyone that's animal fans, and if you are a fan of Asian themes, you'll still probably have a great time. It's not the most Asian game on the market, but it does scratch that itch quite nicely!

Some of the headlining features here are the many scatters that can be found, being able to win up to 50,000 times the bet that you make, and the ability to win 50 free spins if you match things just right. This will have you playing forever, and across 88 pay lines, which is quite a few! It's a game that's fine in short spurts or longer sessions, and has some real staying power if you're a fan of the way that it looks. We are, and can recommend it with ease!

What You Can Expect

There is a lot to like in this game, thanks in no small part to the innovative betting mechanics, and the many different things you will see on the reels. For starters, as we mentioned before, there are 88 pay lines here. They are fixed, unlike many other games, but that is still quite a bit! There is also a respin feature that tends to come up when you match many scatters, which is a fun little way to extend your play time. Alongside that, you will find the usual number of reel's, being five, as well as some other goodies.

There are some other things that are enticing here too. You can win wild pandas, for example, which are multiplied during this time period by a factor of eight. This is part of the games bonus feature, which also multiplies your prices by five. Matching things in general multiplies your winnings, it mostly being a matter of trying to multiply them the most across a wide variety of things. Like we said, you can go all the way up to 50,000 times a single spin, which is pretty good in our book!

There is also the wonderfully done art style, which is a joy to look at. It is a cutely done game with all kinds of nice colors, and everything is very bright and cheerful. It has an authentically done look that you will not see anywhere else, and we quite enjoy that aspect of it!

What They Could Have Improved

They definitely could have added some bigger jackpots across the top of things, although winning lots of money from matching the different things certainly is enticing on its own. That acts as a huge bonus in and of itself, but is not quite on par with something like a progressive jackpot. If you want something like that, you'll unfortunately have to look elsewhere.

We also think that they could have done without those strange suits of playing cards, as the graphics otherwise really are very good. There is an a single thing about them that we would change, which makes it a shame that any pics of was wasted on anything else. If you're looking for some of the cutest and currently is panda graphics around, as well as nice birds, fish, and pagodas, you'll find them here!

General Style and Presentation

They went for a very Zen style look with this one, making it all very relaxing, and a joy to see you. Even the panda itself as it shoes on the reels is nice to look at, and it all feels very nice the longer you sit down to play. The backdrop itself is a nice set of warm colors, offset by the cool sky, and the many cool tones that appear on the reels. There is an anything that we would change about the graphics for the way that it looks, as it hits a wonderful no just right.

If you have ever wondered what it would look like to go to the zoo with all of the animals are smiling, this game is basically that. It's perfectly suited to making your day a little bit brighter, and even if you don't win, you still manage to have a good time for that reason.

Summing Up the Game

Panda's Gold Slots is a bright and cheery Asian themed game that tackles the animal theme and covers it was some money. If you have ever wanted something like this to take away, this is a wonderful way to do it. Featuring some of the biggest multipliers we've seen, and innovative the high number of pay lines, and enough panda magic to keep everybody happy, this one is a real gem in the overcrowded genre of Asian themed slot games online. We had an absolutely wonderful time when we sat down to play this one. If you would like to do the same, and are looking to win quite a bit of money, this game is a sure fire way to get there. You'll find the gold eventually, you just have to keep playing!