Treasure Tree

Treasure Tree by Realtime Gaming is categorized with slots but some may beg to differ as it is unlike most slots. Truthfully, it is more like a mix of a slot game and a scratch off ticket. It is a very fun game and super simple to understand. Interestingly enough, it works like this, you choose a bet size and you will be presented with a big tree. Above the tree a number of symbols will appear and you can click all of them to reveal your prizes. You win by matching three symbols that award the same prize with the same color. Shake the tree to win 2000x your wager.

The bet starts at a quarter but you can bet all the way up to $25 per game. You can play as many as 500 games at once. There are two ways to win in Treasure Tree, instant wins and free games. During free games, all of your wins come with a multiplier of 3x. The object of the game is to shake the tree and match three prizes. If you do, you'll win up to 500x your bet per line. Look out for the blue beaver who lives in the tree as he is your guide to all the riches.