Ox Bonanza Slots

Animals feature heavily throughout the slot game collections of many developers. An ox isn't the most common one to find, yet it crops up in the Ox Bonanza slot - and there is a great reason for that. Can you guess what that reason might be?

No worries if you can't, as we are going to review every aspect of the Ox Bonanza slot game here. We're already playing it, so we can bring you the information you are curious about when looking at this game.

Developer info comes first

You can learn plenty about a slot just by seeing which developer created it. In this case, we're looking at Realtime Gaming.

Can you play without placing real coins on the game?

Yes, it does have a demo version you can load instead. This means you can work out how to play and what it is like to try.

The ox is a key part of the theme

And if we tell you that a different animal features each year with this theme, we bet you can work out this is a Chinese New Year theme for the Year of the Ox.

Get ready for an enchanting design

We love the detail in this design. Some games with this theme only focus on the reels and forget about the background, but that's not true with this one. There are cherry blossoms to marvel at, and plenty more detail in the background as you play.

How to start playing Ox Bonanza

What should you look for when you choose this game? Firstly, there are five reels here, and that means three symbols appearing per reel on each spin. There are two progressives here too, so you can see the increasing amounts above the reels at once.

A wild ox is not a surprise to see, but you may be surprised to learn it is restricted to the first reel of the game. If it crops up in a winning line, you can expect a 2x multiplier to come into play. There is a bit more to reveal about the wild too, but we'll come to that later.

You can also watch for a symbol that says OX BONUS. As you might guess, this is a scatter symbol, and it does indeed connect to a bonus round.

Does the game involve paylines?

Yes, we have the traditional mix of lines here, although they are all fixed in position, meaning we must play the lot on each spin.

Consider your bets

This does qualify as a penny slot, although the cheapest spin wager is a quarter, given that all the lines are fixed in place. There are other coins available too though, allowing you to max out the spin bet at $12.50.

A one-screen paytable

Remember when paytables used to have several pages to click through? This one is another example of the newer paytable from RTG, where everything is listed on a longer page. Make sure you cover everything before taking it for a spin.

Bonus elements in Ox Bonanza slots

There is a Morphing Wild feature in this game. This can occur whenever the wild ox shows up on that first reel. It is random though, so the appearance of the wild does not guarantee that it will happen. If it does, you will see high-valued symbols showing animal characters changing into wild symbols. This means you would get wilds on more than the one reel, and it could of course lead to one or more prizes.

Great potential for some free spins

So, how many could you receive? Three Ox Bonus symbols get you 10 spins, but you can double that quantity by finding four triggering bonus symbols instead. If you are fortunate enough to get five triggering icons, you'll receive a huge amount… 100 free spins to play through.

It's also possible to retrigger these once you are playing the free games, so stay alert for those scatters. Meanwhile, the random Morphing Wild feature could also occur on any of those spins.

RTP details

We can keep this part of our review brief, as there are no details on this at all. That is common when you're looking at a slot game from Realtime Gaming.

Our rating for Ox Bonanza is…

Eight out of 10, thanks to the neat mix of features included in the game. There is nothing hugely new here, but there is enough to entertain most players for sure.

Check the prizes before you play

You can find them all in the paytable, of course. Remember that if a wild contributes to a prize, you'll get double the usual amount.

Play for entertainment to start with

We always think this is a great way to find out more about a game. It's one thing to read about it but another to play it to see for yourself how it all works.

Play the real version if you like it

Ox Bonanza may not suit everyone, but we think there is a lot to like about this Chinese New Year-themed slot. From a quarter per spin, it should appeal to multiple budgets too.

Play Ox Bonanza on mobile

If you'd rather not sit at your computer, don't worry. The game was developed to work on Android and iOS devices as well.