Scuba Fishing Slots

If you are looking for some underwater fun, you're in for quite a treat! There is rarely a game as well done as Scuba Fishing in the online slot world, taking its theme seriously, the winning seriously, and making is seriously compelling package as a result. It is absolutely wonderful in almost every way, and even the graphics are a far cry from the usual cheap stuff you will see. We absolutely loved it, and found ourselves having quite mighty wins the longer we played it.

You can expect to win up to 7500 times any bet that you make, you'll have all sorts of free spins coming your way, and you will find it very accessible with the other features that are now standard of the genre. This makes for a game that is easy to get into because you're already familiar with a lot of the elements, but also very hard to put down. It's a very nice introduction to slots if you are new to them, as well as a game that even veterans can sit down and have a wonderful time with.

If you've ever found yourself looking at the discovery channel and having a big smile plastered across your face, that this game is for you. It has a very good pace of play, watching the fish swim on by is an absolute joy, and you start to grow attached to the scuba diver the longer you play it. We recommend this game to people that are fans of fish or otherwise. Even if you have never had much fun with fish, you'll love this one!

What You Can Expect

Looking at the graphics alone, you can tell that this one is a cut above the rest. Everything looks like it was made by an expert 3-D model maker, being fit for a film, and pixel perfect in every way. There is also dynamic lighting and other things that make it clear that this isn't just any old slot game, and the large number of interesting creatures makes it very fun to look at. It's almost as if you visited an aquarium that ended up paying you to go there. That's what we would surely visit every single day!

The gameplay here is about standard for what real time gaming offers, which is to say it is very good! You won't find any cheap suits of cards here, it's all made by someone that cared quite a bit about it, each and every reel image being unique. There is also a respin feature you can look forward to, and you can bet in the standard ways that you're used to. Everything goes very quickly because it is only three reels, but we feel this is one of the games better features.

Unfortunately, there aren't any big jackpots around, but the pace of the betting in the play is quick enough that you like we won't care in this case!

What They Could Have Improved

The graphics here certainly couldn't have been made any better, but the gameplay does stand to need a little bit of additional features. Like we said, anytime there's a progressive jackpot, our heart goes a flutter. In addition to that obvious addition, there is also the fact that it is only three reels. For some people, this will be a bonus. For others, however, they would rather have included more reels to make the betting a little more interesting, and give you more chances to win. We would argue that the lower number of reels makes it easier to win, but to each their own.

We also like the way the graphics look so much that we wish they would have made some more of them. They could have easily done something along the lines of making more reels to allow for more images, and this would have made for more sure fire fun while you played. Maybe we're just spoiled, however!

General Style and Presentation

Most of the game looks like it was made to be fit for a film, with expert 3-D models, and textures that are top notch. It all looks like something that could easily appear on the cover of a National Geographic magazine, or in a game made after similar themes. It's an amazing thing they pulled off here, looking at once like it is underwater while at the same time having a lot of very sunny towards thrown out.

It's a somewhat serious looking game, which admittedly takes away from some of the lightheartedness that is present elsewhere, but we think it works overall. Whether you like aquariums, scuba diving, or simply fish that look pretty realistic, this is one you will have a fun time looking at, as well as playing!

Summing Up the Game

Scuba Fishing Slots is one of the best fish seem to games on the market, and the want to be if you're looking to compete in this arena. It is hard to find another game that has the high production values and attention to detail that this one has, so we have honestly given up trying. You won't find another game quite like this one on the whole of the Internet, and it is a fan favorite for a reason. Whether it is the ample pay outs, the beautifully done fish, or that cute lovable scuba diver on the left side, there's a lot to like here. If you were looking for something that is both fun, inventive, and familiar, this game fits the bill. It's a fast paced game that looks absolutely wonderful, and we think will please just about any player. Just don't expect a very large progressive jackpot to entice you, however, as with this one, that simply is not in the cards here. We like what they have included despite that, however!