Megasaur Slots

Megasaur suggests a massive dinosaur and a huge slot experience as well. Does it meet those terms? We do see a giant red dinosaur with some fearsome teeth in the opening image, suggestive of a T-Rex, we guess.

This is one of the older dinosaur-themed slots you could play, so does its age let it down? Dinosaurs lived many millions of years ago and we're hardly tired of them yet, so let's check out this game too.

Who developed the Megasaur slot game?

This is another winning format from Realtime Gaming, or as you may know them, RTG.

Is there a demo version to try?

Yes, some casinos allow non-members to check out their demos, so you may not even need to sign up for an account to check it out in greater detail.

We've already revealed the theme

Yes, this is a dinosaur slot game, so that tells you all you need to know about it. There are some fascinating features involved that we'll come to in a bit.

This is a toothy design…

Check out those teeth at the top of the screen, showing you the balance, bet, and win stats for your current spin. As an older RTG slot game, you may recognize some of the format and presentation elements, but this has been tweaked to show you the dino theme in more detail.

How to play the Megasaur slot game

The game has five reels, each showing three symbols when they're not spinning. There are two wild symbols here, both Megasaurs… but one is green, and one is red. They appear on reels two and four, respectively. Neither of them substitutes for the scattered volcano, and they cannot replace each other either. The red one is better to find because it carries a 2x multiplier.

One other thing to mention is the biggest feature of all… a progressive jackpot. This is the Megasaur Jackpot, and the game displays it at the top of the reels. It is known for reaching levels of $1 million and more.

How many paylines are in the game?

You get 25 lines in this slot game.

Place your bets!

There are just three options to choose from here. It's not a penny slot, as the smallest line wager is five cents. This gives you a $1.25 minimum spin bet, so make sure you are happy with that before you play. Alternatively, you can choose to play either 10 or 20 cents per line, which would give you total spin bets of $2.50 and $5, respectively.

Choose help to find the paytable

You should spot the help command at the bottom of the screen. You can get into the paytable quickly enough, and that's where you'll find more information about the game.

Is there a bonus feature in this game?

No, only the two wilds qualify as anything remotely like a bonus here.

Finding the Megasaur free spins

You need to unearth three volcanoes (or more if you can) to get some free games. You then need to select each volcano to find out how many freebies are hiding in each one. You're guaranteed to get at least two of them, so if you had three triggering volcanoes, you'd get six free games.

However, you can get up to 10 free spins for each volcano. If you managed to find the maximum of five volcanoes in the triggering spin, that would mean getting 50 freebies at once.

Megasaur comes with a Feature Guarantee as well. Hopefully, you won't need to wait too long before triggering the free spin round. However, if it doesn't happen by the 250th base game spin, it automatically triggers for you.

You receive a Win-Win Feature as well. The idea is to see how many prizes you can get during this feature. However, if you don't double your triggering bet, the game awards a random prize worth at least 5x your stake and perhaps more, up to 250x your bet at most.

The RTP value isn't advertised

This is common enough with all RTG slots, as we have never found a confirmed value for any of them.

Our rating for the dramatic Megasaur slot game

This is worth 8.5 out of 10, thanks to the two wilds and the unusual way to work out how many free games you've won. We like the presence of the progressive jackpot too, which certainly makes things more thrilling.

Major jackpot potential hides behind the Megasaur

Can you see the size of the current jackpot in the Megasaur game? That dinosaur is huge enough, but the prize potential here goes into six and often seven figures.

Play for practice and entertainment if you wish

We like that the game is available as a demo, which isn't the case with all jackpot slots. This one is worth trying if you get the time, because it really does supply a lot of entertainment.

Play for real if you can afford the wagers

We know this isn't a penny slot, and with 25 fixed paylines to cover, the five-cent minimum gives you a chance to spin the reels from $1.25 a go. And yes, that gives you a slim chance of playing for the mega jackpot, but it can also blow through any size budget quite quickly, so bear that in mind.

You've got mobile access as well

If you join a reliable RTG casino, you should find you can play Megasaur on Android and iOS too.