Panda Magic Slots

There are not many games that we are truly impressed by in the online slot world. We have pretty much played them all, and we' like quite a few of them, but a lot of them are admittedly somewhat similar. Even though the title of Panda Magic game might have you think this is another one of those games, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of it, it is anything but! What they did here is truly magical, and you won't find a better game that is based around this thing no matter how hard you work.

They took a wonderful concept itself, similar to the likes of what you would see in Kung Fu Panda, and really knocked it out of the park with everything else. It is a joy to look at, plays very well, and has all of the standard things you would come to expect. We really can't think of anything that we dislike about the game, even looking at it right now when we make this review leaving a smile on our face. Many people are very cheap when they try to make games based on things like this, but that's not it all what they did here. It's a game that is fair for anyone to enjoy it, and you will appreciate the longer you play.

There are also many innovative features, which you don't see another games either. For example, there is a grand total of 1024 ways that you can win when you arrange the various pay line combinations, and you can also win up to 33 games, during which time you your winnings are doubled, and more free spins tend to come your way! It is very rare to see a game this pretty take any risks with the gameplay, but they did both very well, and you will be left with a smile firmly placed on your face, which is present on ours even as we think of it for this review. We recommend it completely to anyone and everyone!

What You Can Expect

First in for most, you can expect production values that will absolutely blow your mind! All of these things are so well drawn that we have a hard time believing they are even in a slot machine that you're playing on the Internet. We actually have to do a double take, wondering if they had gotten the official license from the DreamWorks film. Instead, not only did they take the common idea and run with it, but we would argue that they actually did a much better job than the original. This one is far more interesting, cute, and has a lot more character. We would prefer this have been made into the movie instead!

As far as gameplay goes, you're also in for a pretty good time. They try to keep this one fast and furious, and focus on the wide variety of pay lines that you can set up. With the maximum combination they are being 1024, there is no shortage of things he will be able to do there. This is amazing to us, and we smile every time we think about it.

It's also a game that will hold your interest for a long time, due to the large number of free spins that seem to crop up every other coin you put down. It is a fun way to keep players glued to their seats, and almost like you were being given free coins. We are not complaining! We had a blast.

What They Could Have Improved

There really is not a whole lot we would change about this game, of course, as it is usually our criticism, we wish that there was a large progressive jackpot hanging over the entire experience. That does not mean the rest of it still is not great, however. They could have added that though and it would have been fun. It would have likely taken away from the large number of pay lines that they have decided to include, but we think more is usually better when it comes to features like that. It would have taken nothing else away from the rest of the game play, and been able to exist along side without impeding anyone.

General Style and Presentation

The game itself looks like it was drawn by a professional illustrator taken from the concept art world. It may very well have been drawn by the artist that created Fung Fu panda itself, that's how good it all came out! It's a nice mixture of cool tones, mostly blues and purples, with some nice offsets a green and red to make some of the features pop. It has a very night time magical vibe to it, somewhat like the Harry Potter series, only not as grim. We're not quite sure why they've made Harry Potter so grim in the films, and this is more along the lines of what we have would have preferred if they had done something like that.

Summing Up the Game

Panda Magic Slots is our favorite game about pandas that we have ever seen, and probably the best game about pandas ever made. That is admittedly a very low bar to get around, but no less of a complement. If you are interested in something that has a intricate style of betting to keep you interested, have a lot of time to put into it, and like a good production values and DreamWorks films, they made a game that seems entirely tailored to your usual checklist, and even then decides to add on more things that you didn't even know you would like! It's a wonderful game all around, and may rank in our top eight games that we have ever played. Maybe even the top three, it is that good! With a progressive jackpot, it might even be number one.