Lucky Lightning Slots

Lucky Lightning Slots is a classic take on the tried and true slot genre that does not manage to wear out its welcome, but also offers little of innovative value, either. It is simple, fast paced, to the point, and knows exactly what it is. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you are likely who Lucky Lightning Slots was made for. If this sounds like a bit of a bore, and you wonder why someone would limit slots to their three reel origins, then this game will likely take some getting used to. Because of how accessible it is, we recommend trying it either way, but temper your expectations because there is not a lot on offer here that you cannot discern from a quick glance at it.


Modern slots are complicated, complex, intricate, and at times feature elves. Lucky Lightning Slots is a game that has none of that, opting instead to return to form during an earlier era were slots were just slots. The game itself looks like you were walking up to a classic play station in an old time casino on the Strip, and everything about it is geared towards achieving that end. This is either refreshing or limiting, depending on how you look at it.


They did not skimp on how Lucky Lightning Slots looks. That said, they limited things so that it was not a very hard challenge to undertake. This is a tried and true game that looks like the slot machines of old, in all ways and at all times. The graphics feature a 3d rendering of a slot machine that is decent enough, and the standard matching symbols everyone is now used to associating with the slot machine genre. It is clear, clean, crisp, and just colorful enough at times to look interesting, but not by much. If you were to switch this game out for many others in the genre, you probably could not tell the difference, which is saying something.


To its credit, Lucky Lightning Slots has an easy time of recreating slot machines of old. They did not do much but spin and win, which has its own sort of appeal that is understandable today. Still, there is not much going on here to entice you in Lucky Lightning Slots. With three reels and not much to match, this is a fairly bare bones game by any standards, even if you were to put it on a mobile phone. This may be appealing to some, and not to others. Ask yourself if you would rather a quick play through to win, or an intricate take on the slot genre, and you will know if this is the kind of game you would find interesting.

Coins range from five cents to $5, and the maximum bet is $15, making this fairly accessible to those that enjoy what they see.


+ Classic theme + Very focused + Simple + Accessible


- Never manages to stand out - Art is interchangeable - Not innovative


Lucky Lightning Slots does exactly what it set out to do, and that is part of the problem. Featuring classic gameplay mechanics and not a shred more than what you would think goes along with that, this is a game that is well suited to people sick of modern slots and their nonsense, but not so much a fit for someone that likes the modern innovations the genre has since taken on. If you like the old time slots better than their contemporary counterparts, this game is a love letter for you. If not, you will likely not spend too much time here, and find yourself moving on after forgetting everything about it.