Light Speed Slots

Light Speed Slots

Light Speed Slots is an odd take on a classic slot concept that has peculiar trappings that make it hard to adequately place it. It reminds us of Fallout, in that it takes a retro theme and combines it with sci-fi elements in a grungy looking way that is likely to scratch some long festering itches on many slot fans. That said, it is all still a relatively classic and bare bones affair, so the audience here may be limited to those that really like the genre and thing it looks neat. We still recommend slot fans of all stripes give it a go and let us know what you think, however, as we did enjoy our brief time together.


This is a hard thing to place with Light Speed Slots. On the one hand, it is a classic slot that attempts to emulate the look of old time slots in ways most of us old enough to play those games will be familiar with. At the same time, however, it has pseudo futuristic elements as seen from the past, somewhat like the Fallout series or Tomorrow Land at Disneyland. It makes for a passable slot for that reason, in that it is cute and endearing for the very same reasons it looks low budget and out of date.


The presentation of Light Speed Slots is very bare bones, but at the same time, that is part of its charm. Everything looks clear, clean, and oddly compelling given what is on offer, but that is largely because there is a parody vibe to the whole thing that works quite well. We are not sure if this is intentional, but it is present, and works in the favor of the developers on that front.

Laser guns and other things come up to match, which include stars and alien heads, making for a tongue in cheek take on what slots might look like in space.


Here is where Light Speed Slots shows its age, for better or worse. It has a progressive jackpot, which is nice, but that is about it. Aside from that one modern fixing, it is a classic slot with three reels and one payline. This makes it both accessible and safe at the same time, which some will love and some will hate. The coin sizes range from five cents to five dollars, which gives it a decent range while keeping things accessible. It would be nice if there was a little more to it than that, but there is not, making it feel like a minigame you might find in something on offer on a console because of the way it looks and how it just so happened to come together well.


+ Classic theme + Grungy sci-fi aesthetic works well + Accessible + Simple + Progressive jackpot


- Standard gameplay may get old quick


Light Speed Slots is a classic take with modern themes that looks like a parody in ways that work. We are not sure this was the intention of developers, but given the modern state of the slot industry, that is what ended up happening here. It plays quick, is addictive, and simple, making it a wonderful entry point for newcomers, or those looking for something relaxing to do while listening to an audience book. The progressive jackpot is a nice bonus, which we appreciate being included. If any of this sounds enticing, you will likely love Light Speed Slots. We do not regret our time with it, and managed to win enough times that it kept us coming back for more and wondering if the parody theme was intentional or not.