Frozen Assets Slots

Frozen Assets Slots is a classic game with a funny theme and a endearing look that never really managed to light up our minds as we played it. If you love winning money, you will certainly like your chances of winning here. If you would like something a little more lively and involved for your play time, however, you will liking find Frozen Assets Slots wanting in many respects, and may not spend too much time with it after the first few cold rounds or so. It sticks tried and true to older times and classic gameplay in ways some players will love, and some players will feel entirely limited by or apathetic to in that way.


The premise of Frozen Assets Slots is a playful version of what you would expect from the title, from better or worse. They went out of their way to make it look authentic, but at the same time, it is largely a reskin of many other slot games like this that you can find on offer with more compelling themes and at times gameplay mechanics. It is a classic Vegas slot machine ripped almost from an older version of the Strip, looking and playing just like slot machines of old in ways that help and hinder the experience depending on your tastes. It is cute that they play on your bank account being frozen as a theme, but not by much.


Frozen Assets Slots does not look bad, but it certainly does not look great, either. It is a mixed bad of 3d rendering, grunge, and snowy decals that look like something out of a low budget cartoon show. Nothing about it really looks ugly, but nothing about it looks all that great, either. It manages to be thoroughly mediocre in this respect, and you will be forgiven if you forget the way it looks the second you stop playing it. Everything is crisp, clean, and clear as far as what you are to match goes, and what each thing will pay out. Beyond that, however, it fails to impress on the visual front.


There is nothing to write home about with Frozen Assets Slots, which is unfortunate. Everything you see is about what you would expect, and possibly even less if you are used to modern slot games with more enticing features and mechanics. We do not entirely fault Frozen Asset Slots for this, as that seems to have been their intention. That said, at only three reels and one payline, there is not much here that is going to hold your interest or keep you guessing outside of winning more money should you be so lucky.

There is not even a progressive jackpot.


+ Simple + Accessible + Classic + Runs well + Cute theme


- Little boring - Does not stand out - Interchangeable look and play mechanics - Dated - No Progressive Jackpot


Frozen Assets Slots is a cold breeze from the past that never manages to blow your socks off, nor does it really seem to try. Combining a cute theme with bland gameplay, it is not entirely boring, but we are hard pressed to call anything about the experience all that compelling. You may not even remember your time with this game after the final spin is done, which says a lot about how standard and safe they played it here. There is not even a progressive jackpot feature. If this sounds like someone that might be similar to you, then give Frozen Assets Slots a try. You will likely enjoy it, pending how much you win, and feel funny thinking about how your bank account is doing while you were away.