Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes Slots is a patriot take on the classic slot machine that is fitting for play on the holidays, but may not hold your interest outside of those seasonal times. There may be people so patriotic that they can play this game year round, but we did not find ourselves enticed enough by what was on offer to keep coming back all that many times. It is a classic take on the slot genre with some American imagery that would find its home in an old time casino, but feels a bit out of date today. If you prefer simpler slots, love America, and it happens to be a patriotic holiday, this slot is a good pick. If not, you may find yourself moving on, provided you do not get addicted first.


The premise of Sevens and Stripes Slots is America is great. Stars, stripes, reds, whites, and blues are the theme over every inch of the machine that is not steel, which is the driving force behind the game. It looks like a classic slot cabinet lifted from an older version of the Vegas Strip, which is both fun and dated at the same time.


Sevens and Stripes Slots Does not look bad, but it certainly does not look great, either. Everything about the game is a bit grungy in a way that does not seem intentional, owing more to limited production values than authentic design decisions made to wow you. It is not ugly, but having everything be red, white, and blue like America is also an odd fit for the game given how they ended up using the theme graphically. Most symbols are composed this way, some of which look good, some of which mostly look distracting. Almost everything is a seven, which is explained in the title, but also makes it a bit lazy when you realize you are essentially matching only a couple of symbols separated by font color.


The game play here is about as classic as it gets, which shows its age in this day and age. With only three reels and one payline, there is not much to see here that you have not seen before, or could not discern from a single screenshot. What you see is what you get, which you will have to decide for yourself on whether or not it sounds fun. It is certainly addictive, and the progressive jackpot is enticing, but there is not much here that veers outside of the classic formula, presented here in its most limited form.

Bets range from five cents to five dollars, making this accessible, but also keeping things on the low end of payouts, which should also be kept in mind for players looking for more high rolling games to play.


+ Patriotic theme + Classic gameplay


- Gameplay shows its age - Looks kind of gaudy


Sevens and Stripes Slots is by no means a poorly executed slot. They did exactly what they sought to do, and they did it well. That said, it is an oddly themed one that may rub a lot of people the wrong way, if it really rubs them at all. This would be a great in person slot to have at an event, but as an online slot machine game, feels somewhat out of place. We still loved its progressive jackpot feature, however, and accessible betting amounts. For that reason, we recommend players of all types and stripes give it a go. Sevens and Stripes Slots Is one of the only patriotic games on offer, making it the perfect holiday fodder for betting your time away as well.