Be Prepared for Some Monster Mayhem!

RTG slots generally guarantee you will have a good theme to get to grips with. That's certainly true of Monster Mayhem, which actually focuses on a monster that seems to have gone on the rampage in a city. You get to see the consequences of that in the shape of a number of slightly comical symbols on the reels.

We'll come to those in a moment, but first let's take in a number of other features this game has in store for you.

Let's start with reels and paylines

The small numbers at the sides of the reels reveal this is a 50-line slot rather than the usual 20- or 25-line one. You still have five reels to spin though.

Is this a penny slot?

Yes, you could play every line from as little as one penny, which makes for a 50-cent minimum bet to cover them all. You can also increase that to $5 per line if you have a big budget to play with.

Does Monster Mayhem have any special symbols?

Yes - there are two monsters, called Crash and Smash, and they act as wilds. They will appear on the first and fifth reels respectively. Meanwhile, you also get a scatter which is the city on fire (obviously it's been crashed and smashed a bit!).

Can you try to unlock a bonus round?

If you get Smash on the first reel and Crash on the fifth one in a normal game, you can trigger the Monster Mayhem feature. This holds those two reels in place, and you get up to 10 re-spins of the other three reels. Since the monsters are wild, this increases the odds of getting a great result.

In addition, every re-spin enjoys a bigger multiplier. The first one has a 1x multiplier, but once you get to the second one, any prize is given a 2x multiplier. It goes up by one with each subsequent spin as well.

Download and play Monster Mayhem today!

With monsters on the reels and the chance to trigger some re-spins, this game is certainly a little different from the norm. Check out Monster Mayhem now and see if you can find some monsters that will help you move towards some great prizes. You could even trigger a progressive jackpot if the luck really is on your side while you play this slot! With a minor and major jackpot available, you never know when they'll strike.