Three Stooges II Slots

The Three Stooges II Slots is about what you would expect, put together in a package that is better than it has any right to be, making it one of the few licensed slots on the net that we do not feel ashamed to talk about. Featuring cute, colorful graphics that are a touch unexpected given the source material, The Three Stooges II Slots manages to impress at every turn. Even though we went in with low expectations, we really enjoyed our time with The Three Stooges II Slots, and are pretty sure if you have even a remote sense of humor, you will too.


Few people today probably know or remember the Three Stooges, but for those of us lucky enough to have grown up with them, they were a treat. They were some of the first famous slap stick comedy groups in Television, helping to make the medium what it is. Now, you have the joy and privilege of playing The Three Stooges II Slots, a sequel to the first that manages to outdo it in every conceivable way.

The original certainly was not bad, but this one manages to outdo it on pretty much all fronts, making it somewhat obsolete compared to this one.


We were somewhat surprised by how good The Three Stooges II Slots ended up looking. The graphics are crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling, despite the old timey, monochrome nature of the source material. Even the way things like 7's are arranged is colorful and playful, making for a fittingly fun take on slot machine games that goes along real well with the zany antic the Stooges are known for.

The UI is a touch generic, but we do not necessarily fault them for that. It does not look bad, just interchangeable, unlike the care and time that clearly went into the rest of making this cute little slot look great.


The main draw of The Three Stooges II Slots in terms of gameplay are a fitting total of three big jackpots, one for each of the titular characters. One is progressive, one is major, and one is minor, mirroring their personalities perfectly, albeit likely unintentionally.

There are a few headlining features that make things interesting: Curly's Cashola, Larry's Stash, and Moe's Moolah. Between these three features, you will be trigging 100s of free games and many multipliers to the point that you will wonder if it is not all in fact a joke. It is not. We checked. It is real and it is fun. You can even get an award of multiplying your bet by 4.5k times! That is huge.


+ Great source material + Good use of the license + Oddly colorful and fun + Compelling and innovative gameplay mechanics


- Not much, we love Stooges


The Three Stooges II Slots Is a licensed slot that other licensed slots should look up to and one day hope to be like. With innovative gameplay, colorful graphics, and a zanny sense of style, The Three Stooges II Slots manages to excel on seemingly all fronts. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with it, and are surprised by how well it turned out. Almost haunted. Most licensed slots are not that great and are not really worth your time. The Three Stooges II Slots is not one of those. With every spin, you will be having fun and laughing the night away as you earn money and wonder why they did not make this sequel sooner.

Give The Three Stooges II Slots a try, and you will not be disappointed. We cannot recommend it enough, whether you are a Stooges fan or not.