Santastic Slots

Santastic Slots is the Christmas themed slot machine game you did not know you wanted and will likely wish you had always had after giving it a few spins. Featuring a lot of clever and inventive gameplay mechanics with a charming art style and holiday cheer, about the only thing holding this slot back is that it is not Christmas all the time. We submit they remedy this and lobby to make Christmas a holiday that extends year round.


Until that law is passed, Santastic Slots is about Santa and Slots, much like you would expect. Having a cute and cuddly twist on standard holiday themes, this slot game keeps the reels simple and fun high by focusing on the thrills of winning money and holiday cheer. It is a good combination only held back by the season. We would likely feel odd playing this game too much in the summer, but then again, we did win some money, so odd feelings are a small price to pay when you are looking at snow on your screen and heat when you look out your window.


Santastic Slots Is a cute and colorful game that exudes enthusiasm and cheer from seemingly all fronts. The graphics are crisp, clear, and compelling, having a somewhat wonky look to some of the faces, but featuring colors that are a joy to behold and endearing to play with. The background elements are also fittingly festive, as is the UI. Hat's off to the developers for that, as most of them treat the background like an afterthought, which makes for cheap looking games that are somewhat floating over an unsightly abyss. That is not the case here, as every pixel of this game looks fantastic, and it plays just as well.


Being a three reel slot, there is not a whole lot here going on that could confuse you, but it is still fun enough to keep things interesting. Santastic Slots Goes up to 2.5k multipliers per line, and can double or triple your multipliers with some lucky matching. Getting both at the same time as you might expect leads to a 6 fold increase, which is a nice touch. Most slots prevent stacking multiple bonuses. In Santastic Slots, however, stacking them is part of the point and fun of the game.

The use of three lines in many games feels limiting. Here, however, it is part of the fun, thanks to that multiplier stacking we keep going on about for good reason.


+ Great graphics + Holiday theme + Cute looking + Won a good amount of money + Fun multiplier mechanics


- Christmas is an odd theme to expect people to play all year round - Some people grew up without Santa and might not care - Not everyone believes in Santa


Santastic Slots is a cute holiday themed slot that game together very well and does not try to hard or too little. The mid point that it hits is a fun one, walking the line between too much and too little in a way only the fat jolly Saint Nick likely could. Our favorite feature is the ability to stack multipliers, which we thoroughly enjoyed and can see ourselves doing more of once Christmas rolls around again. If the holidays are your favorite time of year, you have a crush on Santa, or really like money, we recommend giving Santastic Slots a go. It is not the greatest slot we have ever played, but it is still pretty good, and manages to be a fast paced way to pass the time while collecting Christmas money to make productive use of whenever the holiday actually does manage to pass around.