Bonkers Slots

Bonkers Slots

Bonkers Slots is a classic take on the slot machine genre that has some modern trappings to keep things looking interesting and clean. Combining a simplified mode of gameplay mechanics with accessible betting amounts, this is a quick pick up and play game that fans of all skill levels can potentially enjoy. The UI looks oddly cartoony given the theme they seem trying to hit, but it all comes together in a compelling enough package to make it worth a go. We recommend you give it a try and see what you think. You may end up like us, and playing for hours as you lose track of the money you are piling up.


The premise here is that this is a slot that does not screw around or trick you into thinking it is trying to be something different. It does not look like an action movie, nor does it play like a role playing game. Bonkers Slots is a slightly endearing look at what slots used to be like, keeping things simple and to the point the entire way through. It looks like you walked right up to an old casino, and that was clearly the intention.


Graphics in Bonkers Slots do not look amazing, but they do not look bad, either. There is an oddly cartoony look to the game that keeps things clear and crisp, but it lacks a bit of compelling imagery because of how sparse they kept things. The intention is to make it look like it was ripped out of the Vegas strip, but they did not stylize it much to reflect that. It hits a certain sort of halfway point between real and imaginative that seems like it would have benefitted if they could have been bolder and gone all out with making it either entirely classic looking, or more exaggerated in the cartooning of it all.


Being a three reel slot, Bonkers Slots is not going to make you feel overwhelmed with how it works. You spin, you match the traditional symbols slot machines started off with, and you repeat.

Betting amounts range from 50 cents to $5, keeping things accessible but on the higher end at the same time. This simplified betting structure is an interesting choice, and does keep things streamlined to encourage repeat plays. We wish more slots would adopt this, as we all tend to either but a little or a lot, not often going into the intricacies of betting in between amounts that other games seem to offer in abundance.

The headlining feature of the game is getting free respins on occasion, which are tracked in the top right. This is neat, but we would have rather they made the feature more enticing, such as by accruing a traditional jackpot, or pretty much anything else.


+ Classic gameplay mechanics + Accessible betting amounts + Clean artwork


- Not quite a cartoon, not quite real looking - A little standard despite that being the intention - No real innovation in the gameplay as far as features go


Bonkers Slots is a fun game that never outstays its welcome. Whether you will be willing to stay around, however, will depend on how much or little you enjoy slots that try to innovate and pretend to be something else. As it stands, it is a solid game that holds up well to repeat play throughs. It just would have been nice if they had done a little more to keep things interesting. We still recommend you give it a try, as it is very approachable, and you may walk away with a boatload of money you should promise to share with us once it arrives. We did recommend it, after all.