Aladdin's Wishes Slots

Based on the classic tale of the same name, this Arabian nights theme to slot game is one that is both a joy to look at as well as a narratively enticing experience. The jackpots are as big as a wish granted by the genie himself, and all of the graphics look absolutely fitting for the Arabian theme. If you want something that is a little bit different than the rest of the pack, you won't find too many more of these games out there, partly because Disney owns the license!

We had an absolute blast playing through Agrabah, looking for all of the other associated things that have come to be known along side the tale. You can win up to 10,000 times your bets if you happen to get Aladdin himself, and the magic lamps are also no slouch. There are even a set of cave of wonders there, all going back to the Disney rendition of the theme.

For a game of this kind, it comes out absolutely wonderfully. You can bet all the way up to $100, the pacing of it is perfect, and we can't think of a whole lot that we would change about it, other than giving them a bigger budget. If you are a fan of the tale, or the Disney movie, then the tale of this one is going to be you sitting down and losing track of the night! We recommend it to anyone, even if you are not a fan of the original tales, or even animated films.

What You Can Expect

If you go in expecting a Disney theme slot machine, that's pretty much what you were going to get! This is right down to the wonderful expressions on the faces of the characters, and the general theme all being well executed. There are also wonderful jackpot sitting atop the game as you play, as well as a wish his bonus round that will come up and fill your coffers.

The main headline feature of the game is obviously the art style and the theme itself, but the gameplay also stands out. The number of reels and pay lines is standard, as are the coin size it is. What sets this one apart, however, are the jackpots, and the fast pace thing that happens the top everything else. We really enjoy that aspect of the game, and found ourselves sucked in quite quickly!

It seems to pay out fairly often in our experience as well. We ended up breaking up about even by the end of it, but that's still pretty decent in our book!

What They Could Have Improved

Although much of this game looks like you came out wonderfully, they could have easily up to the our budget. It all looks like it was more of a sketch than anything else, even though the color scheme comes in to make up for that. This does not make the game field trip, but it does keep the game from Soren quite as high as it could have on that magic carpet.

There is also the fact that the bonus round, although very different, seems like it was a little under done. We think they could have put a little more into that aspect of the game, which is one of our favorite features after we played it for a while!

They also could have added a few more characters, rather than some of the basic fair that they had included in the imagery. We don't dislike the little trinkets and pots, but they could have easily added more that have to do with the genie and all else. Those are clearly the more interesting elements of this game, which we would have appreciated if they have played up a little bit more, or included more things concerning. That's not a big complaint, but nothing's perfect, and this game is no different in that regard. It's something they could have done, and that would have gone a long way!

General Style and Presentation

The art style here is wonderfully done, hand drawn, and beautifully rendered. All of the colors are bright and cheerful, and it is a very unique take on the Arabian legend. We have never seen a green genie before, which makes this one stand out in particular. This is more than just a Disney knock off. They seem to have taken the time to make this one stand out on its own, and that effort has clearly paid off.

There is also a hidden nod to the source material of the Arabian nights. The entire game itself is sent over a backdrop that takes place in the evening, which all of the color schemes and user interface elements play into. It looks wonderful, and when you realize why they did that, you will smile. We're sorry if we spoil that aspect for you! It really is a nice touch though.

Summing Up the Game

Aladdin's Wishes Slots is easily one of the best renditions of the Arabian tale we have seen, whether that is in slot for more otherwise. Holding it up to the standards of Disney would be a tall order, but they still do their best to compete with the best of them. There are large jackpots, a large number of images that are beautifully rendered, and everything you would expect from the Arabian theme. There are also wonderful bonus modes here, such as the wish feature, which will have you waiting for more money than you ever could have hoped for! This one comes as no surprise when we recommend it. It is a game that will appeal to players of all kinds, plays out quite recently, and at worst in our experience, you might just break even.