Paris Beauty Slots

We have never been quite sure why everyone likes Paris. The allure of it has always escaped us, and we always felt it was somewhat pretentious and weird. Paris Beauty game alone has changed our mind about all of that, however! It looks lovely, pays well, and we had an evening of pleasure when we sat down to play it. Everything from the colors to the feature set is perfectly chosen, and it ends up being an artful mix of things that is completely respectful to the culture. As an introduction, it works quite well!

Some of the wonderful features that you will find here include being able to win up to a maximum of 12 free games, as well as doubling and tripling your prizes, through matching the various things. The headlining feature, as always, it is a nice, big, progressive jackpot. These are the kind that we absolutely adore, and in some ways, live for at this point! There is also a wonderful bonus game, and a variety of ways to bet that keep it accessible to players of all kinds.

This game is certainly suited to fans of Paris itself, but the fun does not stop there. If you are looking for something a little more, you will have a wonderful time here because it may actually introduce you to the culture itself in a very fitting way. We had an absolute blast with it, and it made us respect Paris all the more. If you are interested in finding out why people love that part of France so much, or simply want a large jackpot that can fly you all the way there, this game will offer you both and large quantities, alongside a particularly tasty looking croissant!

What You Can Expect

Nothing here is all that out of the ordinary when it comes to the gameplay. That is all fairly standardize to what real time gaming usually does, only in this case, we say that as a compliment! Anytime you see a game is by real time gaming, you usually know that you are in for a treat. The same is thankfully true here, the art style being a nice piece of icing on the otherwise enticing cake. We're not really sure what they would eat out there in Paris that would be the equivalent, but we are sure that something would fit that bill. We've never put a bit of icing on a croissant, but we suppose it would be tasty!

The art style, of course, is the main draw, but the bonus features are also very enticing. There is a respin game, for example, that in addition to letting you play longer, allows you to have a good time with your winnings. We always feel better when we are given extra chances to win, and this game is no different. In addition to that, we must say that progressive jackpot is very enticing. You will probably be looking out at the entire time, save only for the brief periods were the art manages to pull you away.

What They Could Have Improved

There are many things that they could have improved here, although we do love the game overall as a general rule. The coin sizes are one example, which could have used some more variety. They do allow for the very low and high amounts, but having more in between would have been nice. We also wish they would have more than doubled the maximum bet that you could make, but we understand why they chose to keep things low key. There probably are not that many players that would be willing to put down that much money, us likely being one of the only ones!

They definitely do not need to improve the artwork, however, which is expertly done, and we absolutely enjoyed.

General Style and Presentation

This game has a very high brow art style that players will appreciate compared to the usual things you see in the slot world. It looks like it was made for an artsy crowd, and everything that is chosen is somewhat sophisticated in nature. This is aside from the croissant, which simply is in there for good taste, which we can understand and appreciate!

All of it is sent over the backdrop of Paris itself, with all of the many things being problem features of the culture there, as well as icons that are somewhat representative of it. It is amazing to see how well it all comes together in the end, even in the user interface. It really does look like you are looking into Paris itself here, and we really couldn't change anything about that even if we tried! There's just something that they capture that works very well, it makes all the time you spent trying to get the progressive jackpot all the easier.

Summing Up the Game

Paris Beauty Slots really hits things out of the park when it comes to the culture they captured, and the gameplay itself. They have taken everything real time gaming is known for, such as progressive jackpot is a bonus modes, and done just as well, if not better, than anyone else in the business. When you take the culture itself that pervades the rest of the experience, and combine it together, you have something that is truly unique. We would not change a thing about that part of the experience, and only wish we had some more money to put into this one, and could shake the feeling we get when we play lesser games after. Whether you are a fan of Paris, would like to know why anyone gives a damn about Paris, or are currently in Paris yourself, this is a Paris themed game that you are unlikely to forget, even as you fly out of the city itself with all the winnings you will undoubtably earn!