Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 Slots is a tasty treat that can conjure up teenaged memories, but is more than that: It also has the potential to create exciting, potentially huge wins that delight any player who spins the reels. With its new morphing feature, Sweet 16 comes with the possibility of a sweet win with an even sweeter multiplier. This bright candy land of a slot game is also a feast for the eyes of those who remember the days of candy counters and dancing with no shoes.

Pretty Pastels and Candy

The look of Sweet 16 is very similar to what the name evokes; different types of candies occupy the reels of this title and a large portion of the background imagery is in various shades of pink. If a player finds three or more of the lollipops on the reels, they will trigger the game's scatter feature. The big pink heart-shaped symbol acts as a wild symbol and can replace any other icon on the reels with the exception of the wild pink heart.

Tasty Betting Action

Sweet `16 is an all-ways-pay slot; there are no lines to wager and the same symbol appearing on all five reels is considered a five of a kind. With a minimum bet of $0.25, this is a title that can be enjoyed by a bettor of any size bankroll; the lack of lines to bet may be incompatible with some gaming strategies but many find the flat per-spin wager to a convenient way to keep track of how much they are spending during any given gaming session.

The Scatter is a Sweet Treat

Although Sweet 16 Slots doesn't contain a jackpot, it has something that can be just as sweet; the scatter symbol awards 16 free games instead of the usual ten that players receive in most slots that award free games for scatters. 16 free spins create a better chance for players to score a big payday on Sweet 16 because of the game's special morphing feature.

Similar to the tumbling feature on some games, the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by other icons after a winning combination; this continues until no new winning paylines appear. However, multiple wins on one spin is only half of the equation because each time a single game morphs, another 1X modifier is added; this continues as long as the same game continues to morph until a 10X multiplier is earned; all subsequent wins beyond that receive the 10X multiplier until the feature ends. The big win potential here is tremendous, and it adds a new level of excitement to every spin of the reels.

Sweet and Tasty Entertainment

Sweet 16 offers something a little different with its extra generous scatter and a multiplier that can reach 10X; the pays-all-ways set up makes this slot a bit more exciting than a normal payline game, and it certainly brings more to spinning reels than many players have ever experienced before. Gamblers looking for sweet entertainment will be overjoyed with Sweet 16 Slots.