Have you ever heard the expression, look into the prism, or a prism of light? Well with Prism Online Casino, there's plenty to look into, as well as enlightening cash and prizes waiting for you.

About Prism Casino VIP Program

Make no mistake about it, loyalty is highly valued at this casino, and thus offers 4 different VIP levels. On the High Roller level, members can only get a maximum of $3,000 of their winnings per week. Other benefits on this level include a monthly 10% insurance on your losses, plus the options of cashing out up to 3 times with free chips and cashing out up to 2 times with your comp points. To be eligible for this level, a one time deposit of $500 is required plus you must keep at least a $100 deposit option. And if your pockets are really deep, once you reach $10,000 in deposits, you will permanently remain at least on this level.

The next level is Silver, where members are alloted up to $5,000 per week on their winnings. Twice as nice as the High Roller club is a 20% monthly insurance on your losses. Even more robust is the 5 times cash out option with free chips. Comp points cash outs remain at 2 times. Members will have to deposit at least a $1,000 to qualify, and you will have to maintain at least a $500 deposit average.

For the Gold VIP level, members on this elite level are eligible for a maximum of $5,000 of their winnings per week. Even sweeter is the 30% monthly insurance on losses. Cash out options are rewarded up to 5 times, but the comp point cash outs increase to three times. You are also rewarded with higher table limits. You will be required to deposit $5,000 to join the gold club and you must keep up a $1,000 deposit average to remain.

And for the almighty Platinum level which welcomes the best of the best, with a $10,000 deposit requirement, you will have to maintain at least a $2,500 deposit average. On this grand level, members are entitled up to a $10,000 payout on their winnings per week. You will also receive a 50% monthly insurance on losses. And if you have free chips, you can cash them out up to 7 times their value. Comp points are also generously rewarded here with the ability to cash them out up to 5 times.