Diamond Mine Slots

Diamond Mine Slots

Diamond Mind Slots is a rudimentary take on the classic slot genre that does just enough to keep you playing for short spurts, but not much more. Featuring standard gameplay mechanics that feel somewhat limited given the small number of reels and symbols to match, this is an odd game to talk about because there really is not much there. Still, if you are a fan of slots, and would like something a little simpler and more to the point, Diamond Mine Slots is a wonderful answer to a question you probably never though to ask.


There is hardly a premise to Diamond Mine Slots, though the same can be said of many games in the genre. What distinguishes Diamond Mine Slots, however, is that it fully embraces its slot nature, never trying to trick you into thinking it is something else or attempt to be something it is not. It looks like a classic slot machine ripped from the Strip, and it plays about the same as one too with some modern innovations thrown in to keep things flowing at a faster pace than would be possible in person.


This is not a bad looking game, but there is not much to see here, either. Diamond Mine Slots looks exactly like a slot machine from Vegas during an older era, which for some people will be great, and others may be a bore. The 3d rendering if it all is fitting enough, and the symbols you will be tasked with matching all look about like what you would expect. This works for and against the game, as it all looks fittingly on theme, but the theme itself is somewhat dry. About the only thing here that stands out is the diamond symbol, and even then, it does not stand out very far.


The gameplay in Diamond Mine Slots is decidedly limited. With only three reels, there is understandably not much they could have done here. There is a jackpot that as you would expect pays out when you match all the diamond symbols, and that is largely it. The betting ranges go all the way up to $15, making for high roller heaven, but that is not much to write home about. The jackpot itself is big, but not all that big, and you likely will not win it as often as you otherwise would. With only one payline, it all comes together as a very limited affair, which is both to its benefit and detriment, depending on your tastes.


+ Classic theme + Fitting artwork + Generous betting amounts + Nice jackpot


- Kinda boring - Barebones - Classic themes do not rub everyone in the same way


If you long for a simpler time where men where men, women where women, and slots were slots, Diamond Mine Slots was made just for you. Featuring classic gameplay mechanics with high betting amounts and a decent jackpot, you cannot go wrong if all you are looking to do is win in a simple way while you go about your day doing other things. If you are looking for something more involved, innovative, and fun, however, this may not be the game for you. It is in no way a bad game, but it limits itself so much to the classic theme that it quickly becomes forgettable the longer you play it. Still, it is very accessible and starts fast, so feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think. If you are a fan of simplicity, this game is certainly up your alley. We are just not sure how many people out there that will appeal to, however, at least for a long time.