Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots is what you get when you take the classic slot machine setup and make it vaguely Asian looking. Featuring older style ink painting symbols on what looks to be a nice 3d render of an old time slot machine, this is a game that looks like it could be found in the basement of a wise old uncle you did not know you have, waiting to be played. Although it lacks many headlining features that make it stand out, it is competently executed, and makes for a fun time should you decide to pick it up. We recommend you do, as we do not regret the time we spent with it, and doubt you will either.


The premise of Crazy Dragon Slots is an odd one. Many games try to look classic in appeal, but this game turns that somewhat on its head by looking both classic and esoteric at the same time. Looking like a classic game from a region that entirely lacked Casinos like this, Crazy Dragon Slots is an Asian looking slot machine ripped from ancient times it never existed in. It is an odd mix that still manages to be cute and endearing, however, which was clearly their intention.


Everything in Crazy Dragon Slots looks great, but it should be said that they had an easy time of it. Old Asian ink paintings have an approachable aesthetic to them that makes them enjoyable. At the same time, they also look somewhat scribbly. This makes for a game that is both well drawn and slapped together, but still manages to fit the theme and looking fitting in the process.

All illustrations are clean, clear, crisp, and compelling, looking good while you play it, and feeling fun the entire time.


There is not much about Crazy Dragon Slots that stands out in this regard. You match things on a very limited number of three reels, and that is about it. It is how slot games of old work, but it does at the same time feel relatively dated.

The standout features here are the ability to win re-spins-which is nice-and the progressive jackpot that builds up-which is nicer. Everything else about the game is nothing you probably have not seen before, which may be appealing to some players. It is very accessible and wastes no time getting to the point. This makes for fast paced play sessions, but may also have trouble holding your interest the longer you go. Unless you hit the progressive jackpot, in which case you will be hooked for life.


+ Asian art is fittingly done + Accessible + Classic theme + Progressive jackpot


- Gameplay is a little standard


Crazy Dragon Slots is a blast from an Asian past that never really existed. Featuring a classic take on the genre, it is a short, quick, accessible package with ink paintings thrown over the top for good measure. The progressive jackpot and re-spin features are appreciated, but beyond that, there is not much innovation afoot in this three reel slot that makes it stand out. Still, if you are looking for a short play session that sucks you into many more, Crazy Dragon Slots scratches that itch very nicely. We enjoyed our time with it, and found ourselves somewhat hooked, partially because we kept winning re-spins and felt the need to use them. We recommend you give it a try now and let us know what you think. At worst, you will likely walk away a little richer and wiser for the time you invested here.