Bank on it Slots

Bank on it Slots appeals to the real reason we are all playing these games time and again: to have more money to put in the bank. Featuring a classic slot setup with some endearing graphical trappings, Bank on it Slots does not veer too far from the usual slot formula many are familiar with. What it does do well, however, is to embrace all that the old slots have to offer, simplify them, and make them very fast paced and addictive ways to win money online. If you are a fan of money, slots, and hoping the former will come from the latter, you will likely have a nice time with Bank on it Slots.


The theme here does not try to pretend this game is something it is not. You will not be saving Aztec princesses or following faeries into the woods. Bank on it Slots is a classic slot game that knows what it is, and makes no pretenses to be anything else. It looks ripped from an old style Vegas casino itself, appearing as a machine to crank money out of time and again. This is both refreshing and familiar in a realm where slot games spend lots of money trying to appear to be anything but.


Graphics in Bank on it Slots look pretty great for what it is. The approach is to make you feel like you have walked up to an old time slot machine on the strip, complete with familiar symbols and UI elements that have now become iconic parts of the slot world. Everything is crisp, clean, clear, and possessing just a bit of grit to make you feel like you are taking a glimpse into the slot machine games of old.

Nice, updated trappings since as the iconic piggy bank character and Loony Toons style wild symbols go a long way to give it some pep too.


Unlike the current standards in the slot machine world online, Bank on it Slots is a three reel game, just like classic slots of old. The maximum bet here is three coins as well, making for a more approachable and less stressful form of play like things used to be when slot machines were first minted. In real world monetary terms, your bets will range from 5 cents to $5, but the simplified approach makes it seem like it works out to be less of an investment.

One unique feature of the game has to do with the theme. The piggy bank that titles the slot will collect coins you have lost and give you a chance to be won back at a later play time. This happens when three piggy bank symbols are matched, making for a fittingly intuitive way to get back some of your cash without reaching into your computer to shake the machine.


+ Classic stylings + Does not try to be anything it is not + Approachable and accessible + Piggy bank feature lets you win some of your money back + Better amounts scale well


- Not particularly innovative - If you are not nostalgic for old slots, the theme may have less of an appeal


Classic and classy are the best words to describe Bank on it Slots. Taking old time themes and combining them with a few new key features to keep things interesting, this is a fast paced slot experience that will never make you feel like you are in over your head. It is very pickup and play, making for a high level of addiction any time you do. We highly recommend giving it at least a brief go, and seeing if you get sucked in as well.