Dare You Visit the Haunted Opera?

A haunted opera sounds dramatic indeed, and you will find that is the case right here. It may remind you a little of Phantom of the Opera, as there are masks and roses in place on the reels of this slot game.

However, it is sufficiently different to bring that story to mind without actually being that story, if you see what we mean. But does the Haunted Opera slot really have much to deliver?

Let's start with reels and paylines

There is an ordinary base on which this game is built. You have five reels and 20 paylines to contend with.

Is this a penny slot?

Yes, you can play with a penny per line in place if you like. Additionally, you have an option to increase the minimum so you get up to $5 per line instead.

Does Haunted Opera have any special symbols?

The mask you will see has to have some kind of special feature, and it actually shows up as the wild in the game. The letter is also important, although we do not know its contents. It is however vital to the game in the role of the scatter.

If you manage to find a letter on reel one and the mask on reel five, you will be richly rewarded for your trouble with five free games. Everything won in free spins is given a 3x multiplier. The phantom may turn up while you play the free games, and if so, he may give you another three free spins every time, on top of those you already have.

Can you try to unlock a bonus round?

Other than the free spins, there are no other bonuses here.

Download and play Haunted Opera today!

Haunted Opera does have a nice theme and the game screen is very appealing, too. The theatre curtains drape nicely to the sides of the screen, and you get various ornate symbols to help with the show. Watch for sheet music and a mirror among other things, to help set the scene as you play.

Will this story end with a good prize for you, or will there be a more dramatic ending than that? It might be possible if you happen upon the random progressive jackpot that is triggered in some way. No one knows how, but if you get the right combination this amount would be paid to you!