Step Into the Lion’s Lair in Search of Credits!

Who in real life would dare to walk into a lion's lair? If you did, you certainly wouldn't expect to come out again. But in this slot by RTG, you will see the lion doesn't look too scary at all. It's not exactly a cartoon, but it isn't that menacing either.

That's good, because you will want to hang around and have a few goes at playing this colorful and entertaining slot. With a random jackpot to be won on top of the regular prizes available, you never know what is in store next.

Let's start with reels and paylines

There are 20 lines all ready to check out and try your luck with here. Moreover, you could end up winning if you manage to spin five of the same symbols into place on the five reels.

Is this a penny slot?

Plenty of RTG games pack in coin values from one cent to five dollars. Lion's Lair is no different in that respect.

Does Lion's Lair have any special symbols?

Well, let's see. You have the lion as the substitute, and while he only appears on the first, third and fifth reels, he will double the value of a prize if he helps you win something.

Meanwhile, the lion's lair appears as the scatter. These will only appear on the middle three reels that are in play. Other symbols include a baby lion, which can give you the biggest prize of 3,750 coins, unless of course you add in a lion, in which case that rises to 7,500 coins!

Can you try to unlock a bonus round?

You can try and snag as many as 12 free games here. If you get a lair on each of the second, third and fourth reels, you will win 12 freebies. You also get three multipliers in play here. The first set of four games has a 2x multiplier on any prizes won. The second set of four has a 3x multiplier, and the final set of four has a 5x multiplier.

Download and play Lion's Lair today!

Check out the Lion's Lair if you dare, and see whether you can get some of the biggest-paying combinations the game has to offer. You never know when or how the progressive jackpot could be triggered, so you may just end up being the lucky person who finds out!